Thursday, July 19, 2012

"bye bye...see you in the morning!"

This is the smiling face I woke up 6 am.  Good thing he's as cute as he is!  Today I heard him say as clear as day "bye bye, see you in the morning!"...I know that sometimes when we say "bye bye" to things or people I will add "see you later" or "see you tomorrow" or "see you in the morning"...but how did he pick that up, remember it, and then repeat it...days/weeks later?

Because he's a genius! :)  Maybe I'm biased, but it is remarkable to me that he says things I know I said previously but that it's been quite awhile.  He's not just parroting me.

It makes me also a bit worried to think back on all the things he's heard me and Mario say...and cringe thinking about when they will come out of his mouth, clear as day.

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  1. the first time I heard Owen say, "Oh my gosh!" I was taken aback, but I did giggle. Gabby made me laugh when she called the fridge door, "Dumb Door!" Definitely not parroting, but it is something she's heard! :-)