Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who's your daddy?

Yesterday,  I was so tired, so we stayed close to home.  Xavi asked me to take "OFF" shirts, pants, and diaper..we were in the backyard so...whatever keeps him happy.  But then Mario called from the Phillipines and I got distracted...he started asking to play "basketball", so we went out to play basketball ...whatever keeps him happy while I talk to his papa.  The next thing I realize he is playing in the dirt with nothing on but his dad's dog tags.  He's been wearing these every day since Papa last left...and every day he says something to me about "Papa" and "work".  The tags remind him both "who loves you Xavi?" "PAPA" and "where is Papa?" "Work".  He kisses them sometimes and today, Debbie said he was talking to it like he was talking on the phone to Mario.

We had a busy weekend and a fun day at the horse track in Del Mar...which is why I was/am exhausted.  I was planning to post photos from that day but I've run out of storage and had to upgrade my account...and it takes 24 hours to complete.  Sigh...it's a conspiracy to keep me from getting my "list" done.  Ah well...gonna go curl up with a book.  We'll see how long that lasts.

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