Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I'm usually asleep by now but since I had to finish my homework due in a few hours, and of course I am doing it at the last moment, I thought I'd quick put a word up on our special day with papa.

Actually we had a whole week with Mario.  The huge hole he leaves whenever he has to leave is there and our hearts ache because we miss him so.  We had a lot of fun though and made some new memories to hold onto until we can be together again.

I'm thankful for Mario as the father of my babies.  He works hard, has integrity, is honest, strong, forthright, and multi-talented (aka:  McGyver).  He's much more mellow than me and can appreciate the little moments that others take for granted.  He loves his family, niece and nephews are particularly special.  He loves his little boy and plays with him like no one else can.  He loves my family and truly cares about who they are and who they are to me.  He loves animals and does a great job (beter than me even) of taking time every day to hug, pet, and/or kiss the doggies.  He "discovered" me as a "blossoming flower" when I was starting over again, and continues to be patient with me as we deepen our relationship.  Thank you Mario.  We love you and can't wait to see you again.  Be safe and come home soon.  We'll be here waiting.

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