Saturday, November 19, 2011

Xavi's Birthday Party (Weekend!)

We had a birthday party for Xavi last Sunday (believe it or not, I started this post last Sunday night!)...initially the forecast was calling for rain for the whole weekend, and although Saturday was cold and rainy, Sunday dawned (and we were up at dawn) clear and sunny.  Matter of fact, it was so sunny, our neighbor let us borrow their sunshade tent to put over the food to keep from melting!  I let Xavi take off his lil man jeans to play AFTER everyone saw him in his party pants. 

We had so much fun!  Neighbors, Friends, Family, and their kids joined us for the celebration at beautiful Pines Park near our home.  We had lots of food (too much as usual), a pinata, goody bags for the kids, and time to chat (what a luxury! :)). 

Our angel Debbie and her husband, Ron
Little Miss Charlotte...two weeks younger than Xavi

Dr. Jen's middle two kids having a go at the pinata...the poor thing was critically injured from the first hit.  We had to tape the head on so that everyone could have a turn. 

Xavi dug into his special gluten free, low glycemic carrot cake (not ready for him to have refined sugar) and partied hard.  He seemed to know that it was all about him and enjoyed every minute of it.  I did manage to get him to take a nap just before the party...which saved the day!

Xavi found this perfect sized soccer ball and had a blast...even though it was another boy's ball.  Guess I'll have to find him one this's perfect for him. 

It all went so fast, I am glad that we've been celebrating his birthday all week...Gramma Nina flew in from El Paso to spend the weekend with us.  As usual, she was a huge help and Xavi got to spend some quality time playing with her.

Cousins Eric and Dianah (bookends of photo) joined us for the afternoon as did Auntie Lala (by Xavi).  His favorite present may have been the vacuum like push toy that makes 'pop pop pop' noises like popcorn?  Totally old school and a classic toy..he loved it from the start. 
We forgot to open presents until we got home...people were so generous with fun toys, cars, trucks, puzzles, helicopters, balls, and of mommy's favorite, cool clothes.  But it did take a few people to get the presents open and put together...meanwhile, Xavi loved to play with the boxes and wrapping paper. 

Gramma putting together the 'elefun'...thanks Robersons and Mignogna's.  We spend LOTS of time playing with this one.

We sure missed those loved ones that couldn't be here with us...for the party and most days as well.  We hope to see you all soon and catch up.  I can't believe our baby is already a year old.  So many good memories and lessons's to many more. 


  1. OMG!! He is such a cutie!! I love his party jeans!!!! Happy Birthday Xavi!!

  2. Xavi's Birthday Party looks very enjoyable. The weekend that you spend will always be remembered, trust me! We too are attending the birthday party of our friend’s daughter. It will be a pizza party at one of the garden themed San Francisco venues. Just can’t wait for this bash.