Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Operation 1: Roswell, NM and NMMI Hall of Fame Induction

The night before we left, I put him in this ridiculous was so cute online and it seemed like a good idea (keeps his legs AND feet warm while he scoot scoot boogies all over) PLUS it's "organic", which means it MUST be essential, right?  I took pictures because it may be the last time I put it on him and that way, someday when he gets married, we'll have some photos to share with his bride.  Evil, I know. 
Mario didn't come with us as planned.  Too much sh-tuff was pouring into his already very full buckets, so we decided to save the plane ticket for next spring when he could properly balance the Master's test AND we could enjoy some family time in the big city.  It was a hard decision, but one made easier by the grace of our angel, Debbie, who dropped everything she had arranged for the week AND family to help me with a most challenging endeavor.
Transport me, Xavi, a car seat, a stroller, two suitcases, one briefcase, and one diaper bag that contains all essentials for an almost two week adventure that includes 4 ops:
Operation ONE:  Travel to Roswell, NM to be inducted into the NMMI Hall of Fame AND continue last minute preparation for the upcoming Master's of Nutrition examination
Operation TWO:  Travel to NYC and CT to take said Master's comprehensive exam (PASS all 5 sections) while negotiating NY traffic in a car.  YIKES. 
Operation THREE:  Travel to WI for a week of work at the home office where Xavi would be in "school" for a full week as well.
Operation FOUR:  Get home safely, in good health and good spirits. 

Xavi met his first kittty at Perry and Sherry's home....thanks for the hospitality and furry experience!
Front row, on the stage...listening to "This is Your Life"...beginning to squirm as they get closer to discussing Esquire magazine's America's "sexiest athletes" article and the corps' reaction.  I'm probably blushing...

Receiving my medal and plaque

Beginning my unscripted speech...and upon hearing my voice, Xavi began to scream

I may be a young Hall of Fame inductee, but that was just my first life.  My second life is there walking out the door. 

Exchanging congratulations...
Very honored and proud indeed

Even prouder still with my lil man in my arms...he wouldn't let me go.

Class of 2011

This might be another reason Xavi wouldn't let go of me..."too many gray haired men trying to poke me"
My family drove from El Paso to see me receive the honor...and sat front row.  I was honored to be inducted and felt very blessed to have family there to support me...and squeeze Xavi for a short visit.

Trying to distract him with a balloon...

But even the forks, spoons, weren't going to distract him from wanting momma back

Aunt Lucy and the balloon trick worked for awhile

All I wanted was a photo of Xavi with Grampa

Enter balloon and some time to check him out close up from the safety of mom's arms

OK...I'll let him kiss me on the lips.  He seems like a good enough guy. 

Happy Family Photo

Making up with Gramma...

and giving her hair a quick fix...

MUCH better Gramma Nina!  I guess you are ok too. 

Old Post.  My cadet home is just behind us.  We listened to Silver Taps, saw the changing of the guards, and then got the lil man to bed...just in time for him to catch a second wind. 
Party like a rock star...note rock star jammies!
Always wish there was more time together...but I am so thankful for the time you all took to come be with us on this special day.  Thank you so much.  Lots of love...keep doing squats AJ. 

Mission Aliens Amongst us:  Accomplished!  On to the big city...

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