Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Home sweet home

We made it through the week at work and school, said good bye to Gramma and Grampa, and got ourselves to the airport on time.  We had time for a little breakfast and exercise at the gate before boarding...then we were off to OC and papa!  

It worked like clockwork this time...play on the ground, board early, charm all the ladies (and a few of the guys), fuss a bit, and fall asleep.  Mom breathed a sigh of relief and enjoyed some quiet time to watch mindless TV, eat a snack, or take a (gasp) nap.  Dad was there to pick us up and carry our stuff...YAY!!!  It was a relief for both of us to finally be home and feel safe in our little unit.  The house looked amazing...tile floors and beautiful laminate...but more importantly we could all breathe easier.  I know Mario worked hard while we were gone...we were so thankful, but did everyone? 
I'm not so sure... 

Home sweet home.  I love the sound of home...and of my boys playing together. 
It's hard to believe that it's already been 364 days since little Xavi came into our lives...changing it and us forever.  This is me one year ago today...  
Today, like that day, I made breakfast, fed the dogs, and took a walk...then not knowing how my, nay OUR life would never be the same, and not knowing that I would never be the same.  I'd like to think I'm better, stronger, wiser from the experience...in reality, I have good days and bad, but I also know that being a mom is the greatest gift...and the best job in the world.  This time last year, I was deep in the throes of labor...battling the fear and intensity, the doubt and raw emotions that spilled out of me with every contraction.  I know that Xavi worked just as hard as me that day...Today, he is walking, running, and playing with balls.  He is saying, in addition to "woof woof", "momma', 'ball', 'boo-oom', and oh sh"... (no, not 'oh sh@*'...just oh sh)"  he plays and laughs, flirts and sings.   He's even learned to dance when he hears music.  We'll have time to celebrate his birthday and those milestones tomorrow, his official birthday.  For right now, I'm going to spend some time remembering our first dance.  And we still have 3.5 more hours to go...Today, like that day one short year ago, I know there is no place like home and now, back to dancing. 


  1. I LOVE the fun videos of Xavi and Mario at play. They have soooooo much fun. Theirs is a special bond.

  2. I love the memories of what you were doing one year ago and how things have changed!!!!!! Crazy, eh????!!!!!! Life is good!