Sunday, November 6, 2011

Operation 2: Master's Exam and NYC

New York, Here we come!
We flew from Roswell to LaGuardia, NY...another full day with hands full, even though there was two of us.  This time we didn't have much time in Dallas (a necessity when traveling with a busy busy boy to break up the two 3 hour flights) and got to the gate just in time to board.  Poor baby didn't get to play in the cool play area they have there and we paid for it on this next leg.  It was probably the hardest flight I've had yet...and it wasn't that bad.  Xavi just wanted to play and yell and throw things...Debbie took turns so that I could study a little bit (boy did I need every minute I had at this point).    

Upon arrival, we made our way to our rental car and then to our hotel using the GPS.  Debbie sat in back and kept Xavi from losing his mind in a full on meltdown.  We got settled in our room, got Xavi undressed so he could be happy, and ordered room service (usually a special treat, but this time it was kind of icky...oh well, live and learn).  I got organized for an early morning and left to go study in the lobby while they went to bed.  Last minute look through of my notes,  a few hours of restless sleep, and I was off on another adventure to get to the test on time.  I arrived in plenty of time and completed the five booklets...awwww, now that's a HUGE load off.  I felt like I passed 4/5 with some confidence, not sure on good ol Dr. Lord (don't get  me started), but of course we won't know for sure for a month...WHAT?!  Anyway, it was a beautiful, blue sky New York day and I headed back to my lil man and friend. 

I was so proud of myself for making it there (on time), being done with the test, AND making it back to our hotel that I felt like I was walking on air.  The only sad part that was building in the background was that our time with Debbie was coming to an end...we would have to head to WI, leaving her in NY for a whole night on her own, and then to travel all by her lonesome the long way back to OC. 

At the entrance to Central Park

On the phone with Liz, getting an update on my other "babies", the dogs

Playing in Central Park on a beautiful fall day

Of course, we had to stop by Fox News for a photo op

Radio City Music Hall...

Times Square...

She was so mad at me for making her go stand there for a photo...hee hee

Statue of Liberty...

Nap time in busy Times Square...right after we took this and walked down half a block, this huge group of motorcycles went roaring down that street.  We both held our breath and shook the stroller...but he stayed sound asleep.
The next day we had some time to explore a bit more before our flight, so we headed to Ground Zero to see the new memorial.  There was a special event AND we hadn't registered for passes;UGH!  We didn't get to go in...but it's first on my list when Mario goes to take his test.  We saw the new WTC buildings going up...they are about halfway done!!!  It will be amazing to see when it's completed.  I felt very proud to see the spirit and the rebuilding after that terrible day.  I tried to envision the horror of that day, but think it's something you can't fathom unless you were in fact there.  I pray that we never have to know what that feels like again, and I'm again and always thankful for the men and women protecting us from that constant threat. 

Meep at Ground Zero
Miss Debbie was a lifesaver.  I could NOT have done it without her help AND we had so much fun together on top of it all. I have been praying for a friend like her for a long time...and I am so thankful to have her in our family.  THANK YOU DEBBIE!  We love you!  

Tired little boy..heading to we come Granna and Grampa!

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