Sunday, November 6, 2011

Operation 3: Wisconsin - 40 hour work week

That means VitaKids for Xavi and work for Momma.  Thankfully Gramma had a few days off and so Xavi got to spend some time with her on two afternoons while mom finished her day.  As always, I missed him terribly when we were apart, even though he's just across the street and in very good hands.  I don't know...something just feels like it is missing and my heart doesn't stop aching.  Of course, it feels good to get work accomplished and see friends at SP...but I'm always so relieved to have him back in my arms...there's no feeling like that on earth.  I think Gramma was a little relieved too since he wore her out.  "It's a good sore, though!" 
playing with the balls at VitaKids

He loved being outside, even though the air was getting pretty "crisp"...especially in his great Packer jacket!

It was hard to catch a still photo of him...perpetual motion he is.

Playing with gramma...they are so mischievious together...can you see the twinkle? 

Yep, he got her glasses off...giggling his head off.

Little monkey

Tubby time!

Eating time...can you tell he'd been feeding himself?  His hair is plastered with food...too fun!

Then it was off to play in the dirt like a good little boy

Xavi had a good week at school...he played more than he ever has while there.  He loved these hammers and walked around all day with them. 

They celebrated his birthday on his last day and he got to paint his own crown! 

Taz patiently awaiting his scraps...

Yay!!! Trish came to was so fun to catch up and see her sunny smile!

He kept smiling at himself in the mirror...that's me trying to catch him in the act. 

Who loves you baby? 

Gramma and Grampa dressed up like Dillinger and his girl...they looked awesome! 
We'll be back...soon!

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