Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer trip to Wisconsin

My birthday was a very special the past I've been sad on my birthday. 
It seemed like I was waiting for something to happen, someone to be there...
since I met Mario, I've had only happy birthdays but this one in particular was a very happy day...
and it went sooo fast. 

Xavi and my birthday flowers
Debbie kindly stayed with Xavi so that we could go surf and have breakfast.  The surf wasn't great but as ALWAYS, we had so much fun in the water together.  It feels like we are kids...again?  still?  Breakfast at Pipes, my fave, was awesome and we came home to our darling little boy.  Xavi and I spent the day together while dad studied.  Then we had a second! date for dinner and a movie.  Suddenly, the day was over and we were leaving the next morning on an airplane.  (Would someone remind  me to have an actual photo of me and my man next time?  geez...)

partying on the car ride to LAX
Xavi was great on the hour long car ride and the four hour (gulp) long plane ride and the 45 minute final car ride...there is just no easy way to do this with an infant...let alone a growing, busy 9 month old boy. 

what's up mom?!
Gramma and Grampa were happy to have us.  And we LOVED swimming in the pool every chance we could. 

Our lil grom

I needed help a few times with Xavi as I had work responsibilities.  Granna and Poppa Phee walked and rocked and went to the zoo and put down to nap and fed yummy food.  It took two but they did a great job.  Apparently, if dad left the room, Xavi would cry until he came back.  What was that about?  Maybe it was the security of another guy around?  Maybe he missed his daddy?  We sure missed him...

And as quickly as the days go by...the week was over and it was time to go home.  It's always sad to leave mom and dad and their beautiful home in a peaceful corner of the world.  What  a nice oasis AND bonus of the travel...time with gramma and grampa...and mom and dad.  I don't think we ever outgrow our "need" for mom and dad in our life... the relationship certainly changes and us kids end up lecturing our parents on lifestyle (RELAX!), diet (well, mom and dad were doing purification and ate really sugar, not even one smore, well... I had one), and exercise (intervals, hills, bands, oh my!).  In the end, it's nice to be with someone who knew you weren't quite you, yet!

Another long day of cars, planes, luggage, and and sound...and exhausted.  
We were coming home with one thing on our mind...seeing Daddy again.  
Coming home is always nice...especially when home is this handsome. 

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