Monday, August 8, 2011

Look Mom...No Hands!

Xavi stood up all by himself today (8/7/11)
After a few practice attempts and a lot of "rearing" up on  his knees, Xavi stood up several times on his own.  He holds his balance long enough for me to snap a picture and get ready to catch..but he carefully lowers himself back down each time.  He really has good control of his body, until he gets tired.  Then he starts doing combat rolls and tipping over.
debuting the new cloth diapers
We're also in the process of switching him from the disposable diapers to cloth systems.  I know it will be a bit more work for me and a bit more direct contact with P-O-O-P (cleaning up the material)...but all in all, it makes sense in the long run:  financial, health, environmental, fashion, and of course, to ease future potty training (we hope). 
Speaking of potty training...
We bought a little potty to begin "elimination consciousness (EC)"...the idea is to help him associate his awareness of going potty and sitting on a potty early on.  Conventional wisdom assumes that babies aren't aware of "going" as infants because they can't walk, talk, etc.  There is evidence to support that they are in fact aware of elimination and with some sensitivity, parents can maintain that awareness by not dampening it with constant diapering.  We are a bit late (should've been doing it before he was 6 months old) but...we'll see.  It's worth a try.  My mom sure didn't appreciate our attempts while in Wisconsin as he widdled a few times on the carpet and even pooped once.  Let's just say he was plenty aware that SOMETHING was going on, since there was plenty of commotion over that one.
sippy cup?...naw, no need
 Xavi likes to drink out of big kid cups...but usually gets more down his front than in his mouth.  He also insisted on climbing up on top of the table...of course, I was the lenient parent that allowed him to do so.  Guess I'll have to practice saying NO...someday soon?
To this face?  Hardly...

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