Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home sweet home

I'm 9 months old!  Check out my kicks!
We've been home just over a week and it's been a long week.  It's always a painful process for "us" to re-adjust to California time and revert back to our "normal" routine. I am tired, but can only imagine how Xavi must feel and it makes me feel so bad. Think of how you feel after a cross country trip, a week of new environments, people, and routine (think fun but exhausting...most family vacations?), and then put yourself in  9 month body jumping back into a regular "work" week...poor baby.   

I love my job and the company that I work for, but those weeks in WI working are crazy.  I ache to hold him all day and when I finally get to, he's so relieved that he falls asleep then plays so hard.. until he can't anymore.  But then he often won't let go of me when it IS time to go to bed...making for some frustrating time for both of us.  Last weekend, I spent Saturday and Sunday holding him for his morning naps instead of fighting to make him sleep in the crib.  We seem to be back on track now and have been having a lot of fun. 

My favorite days are Saturdays when we don't have anything planned.  The day can just go along at a leisurely pace and our activities are simple.  That is the day I can focus on Xavi and have quality time with distractions, no expectations, no lists of things to do (OK...still have those but I don't look at them on Saturdays anymore). 

He loves when we "chase" him around the house...ok, so everyone is crawling but he sees us coming and darts away squealing.  We chase after him...sometimes to get the object out of his hand (like paper he insists on eating/choking on or my phone) but sometimes it's just to hear him laugh.  He laughs and growls...smiling so we can see all of his teeth.  And since he's been standing on his own...he will "rear" up from a crawling position to stand up or just to "rawr" like a bear.  Then "run" away again. 

Hey mom...catch me if you can.  (Do you see the twinkle?)
I got your phone...


Catch me...heehee (see him watch me out of the corner of his eye)
Last weekend was a challenging one for Xavi and I, but once we heard the news about the helo getting shot down and losing 22 more SEALs (8/6/11) put it all into perspective.  Each day that we are given is another blessing and every challenge we are given the opportunity to face is also a blessing.  Those men left behind moms and dads, wives and girlfriends, sons and daughters  who will not have another day with their loved one.  Sometimes it is easy to forget and take the sunrise for granted...hold on tight.  Life is short.  Get down on your hands and knees and crawl..listen to the laughing and hold on tight.  I pray that the families of those men will find peace and that each of us will honor them with our lives. 

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