Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beach Day

We had a rare "day" at the beach that almost never was.  It took so long to get everything and everyone ready (mostly me and Xavi...Mario's easy), then we forgot the annual pass and had to pay $15 to get in, then the surf was kind of sucky, then Xavi wouldn't fall asleep and I was frustrated about how hot the sand was as I tried to walk, rock the baby to sleep  while trying to conceal my b-o-o-b with the hooter hider that Xavi was so pissed about, until finally he went I went out for  quick paddle. 

And while I was out the surf picked up a bit and with no one out there, I could try for everything and fall on every wave while I tried to remember everything I had forgotten in my too few and far between surf sessions.  It was fun anyway and I am so glad that I got out there.  Xavi had a quick nap on the beach and then played with Daddy until I got back in.  I took a huge fall (it felt like I fell off of a high ladder) right smack onto my right b-o-o-b and decided that it was time to head in. 

 Then we played with toys, ate sand, and had a good snack while dad went out to rip it up. 

When it was time for the afternoon nap, we packed up the car and headed home.  Sometimes I wonder
if it is worth the time it takes to set up and take down...pack up to get there, pack up to get home...load the van, unload the van...shake the sand out of everything, get it out of Xavi's cracks, and hope it all comes out of him the next day.  Then  I think back on the fun we had; on our own and together, the new experiences for Xavi, and us; and what it feels like to play with him on the beach with the surf pounding, the sun shining on us warm and comforting, and hold him tight as he laughs and smiles.  I had just gotten Xavi down to sleep in his little nap "tent" and wasn't quite calmed down, when this woman said to me "what a sweet 'picture'...enjoy it, it's over far too quickly" made me think that as Xavi gets older it WILL get easier: less stuff, less "hassle", less b-o-o-b needed...but that will bring it's own angst:  Xavi in the surf, girls, and what about when he won't want to hang out with mom and dad? 

Yes, it is absolutely worth every bit of "hassle" and a good lesson for me to
stay in each  moment and love it for what it is. 

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  1. It's sooo worth the take down and set up isn't it?? That smile makes it all worth it!!!!!!!!!!!