Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Out of my babe's mouth

I think it's hilarious when I hear complete or nearly complete sentences come out of Xavi's mouth.  He has always been very verbal.  That doesn't mean that the words coming out of his mouth were intelligible by me or anyone else.  BUT I am confident that they do make sense to him.  He knows what he is saying and right now, that's all that matters.

Tonight as we were getting ready for bed, I left him playing for 2 more minutes with his trains while I got some water.  He came out of his room looking for me, gave me a toothy smile and asked "what're you doing?".  I almost died.  So stinking cute.  Yesterday after nap he kept exclaiming "oh GOSH!" and I almost choked.

When I put him down to sleep tonight, I left his room and stood outside listening for any rustling of covers that indicates he is making a run for it.  I met him at the door and he asked me before I could ask him "what do you need?".  Guess he's heard me say that a time or two.  Also earlier today he was playing with trains on the neighbor's dog (no not a typo) and he told them to "lie down"...repeatedly and quite sternly.  Guess he's also heard me say that a time or two as well.

Another recent exclamation wasn't clear at first but once I figured out what he was saying, I couldn't stop laughing.  Thomas was falling off of the track and Xavi yelled "cinders and ashes!"....which is of course Thomas' catch phrase.

Xavi runs Diesel 10 off of the desk and it falls behind this cardboard box I have there.  He yells "Where 'd did he go?" and laughs until I find Diesel 10.  I usually look under the boots and shoes first even though it's the 116th time we've played this game.

I have been working with him on learning to relax when he gets all worked up since he was 18 months old.  He gets frustrated pretty fast over stuff like the youtube video loading too slowly or me not understanding what he is saying or waiting for me to pick him up as we load up the car.  So I quietly remind him to "relax" and mime taking a deep breath.  In the last few months he has started to remind himself saying "relax" to himself as he is winding up.  Now that one?  I'm pretty proud of...hopefully it will come in handy down the road of life.  We all could use a cue to "relax"...I know I do!

When Nico wakes up from nap, Xavi hears him on the monitor, looks at me and says "oh! baby cryning!" and takes off running for the bedroom door.  I follow his little stomping feet into the room after he slams the door open (none of our doors work properly, so he can get almost all of them open.  I don't even bother to close the bathroom door anymore...sometimes surprising any guests!  HAHA, not really, well, except for Debbie but she knows why.)  And he pulls himself up on the crib rails trying to peek in at brother.  So I started to lift him in to cuddle with Nico.  He's gotten to be such a good big brother.  Not quite as rough as he once was....unless he's pinching Nico's chubby cheeks.  But they are sooo pinch able!

Nico has grown so fast in the last few weeks.  I swear he's almost doubled in size before my very eyes. Much "stockier" than Xavi was, he has linebacker legs and a good strong bum on him.  He's going to need all the edge he can get as he is already trying to keep up with his big brother.  I had so many 6 month size clothes ready for Nico to wear but he's stretching out of them as we speak.  aack!  slow down baby, you're not a big boy yet!

He rolled over at 3.5 months (same as Xavi) and is quite a pro now. He likes to watch Xavi play with his trains.  Today, while Nico was having floor time, Xavi brought out his special Thomas blanket, gorilla, and doggie to share with brother.  I was making dinner or I would've taken a photo.

We are making so many memories right now but I usually don't have an extra hand free to take as many picts as I used to when it was just Xavi and my big belly.  I'm trying to store them up in my brain but since it's so fuzzy, I'm also doing my best to juggle just a little bit more and get the shots I need.

Oh and the sleep post?  I'm going to have to update AGAIN because apparently teething DOES DEFINITELY cause night wakenings.  Ahem, dr. sleep genius!  Ah well, I have vowed to stop reading those books before and I'm on my way to vowing to quit yet again.  Bear with me folks...I've still got my training wheels on.  "RELAX" mama, you know "what are you doing?"  Now go "LIE DOWN!" while the babies are asleep.


  1. Beautiful thoughts by a beautiful Momma about her beautiful kids! That Nico is Melendez through and through and soooo adorable. Keep up the writing as we certainly enjoy being drawn into your life...

  2. Hi MB, just found this link again and fun to "catch up" on your life these days! I had to laugh at some of Xavi's words, so cute. Our little guy is the same -- Mike has a story of him repeating a certain four-letter word that slipped (quietly) out of Mike's mouth when he dropped the tomatoes in the grocery store parking lot on the way back to the car. Winslow, walking alongside him, stopped in his tracks, pointed dramatically at the tomatoes, and very loudly repeated the word, much to the surprise of several bystanders! Even without the four-letter words, makes us more aware of what we say, for sure! Love to your sweet boys, they are beautiful.