Thursday, January 10, 2013

Papa's Christmas Visit

A picture tells a thousand words and I have about 40 pictures I wanted to put on this post...of course, not one of them is of the 4 of us.  grrrr...I can't believe I didn't manage to do that one thing.  And i was trying so hard to capture all the little memories...someone do that for me next time you visit, please? I didn't put all 40 pictures, nor did I caption all  as some don't need explanations.  Like this...

My favorite moment?  Aside from all the special little moments combined, it was when Xavi first saw his papa after more than two months.  As we waited for the train to deliver papa to us on December 15, Xavi and I played on the picnic table watching the waves crash on the beach below.  Nico was sleeping in the baby carrier.  As the train's horn sounded, we watched it come as we do every time the train comes through San Clemente.  We watched it pull up and unload passengers.  I saw Mario, pointed and asked Xavi "who is that?"  He looked and first whispered "papa", then louder "papa!", then he climbed off the table and was running! towards him.  My heart almost exploded and my eyes filled with tears.  Then just as he was within arms reach of Mario, he had second thoughts and turned and ran back to me.  I laughed and tried to catch it on my phone.  I could almost feel Xavi's heart swelling with wonder and joy.  There is nothing quite like seeing my child filled with joy.  Or seeing my husband after so long without him.  Relief filled me knowing that he was home.  
 Then they had to stop chasing each other to watch a garbage truck...some things haven't changed.

I'm pretty sure Mario stored up the moments with his boys in his mind and the feeling of their warmth in his heart.  It was hard to catch it all but I tried...

We were treated to guitar and harmonica concerts, and had family dance parties.  

 We went to the beach even though it was a bit cool.  Xavi didn't seem to mind as he played and played while papa surfed.

Mario and I almost couldn't wait for Christmas to give Xavi his present...a train table with wooden Thomas the train engines.  I won it on eBay and we picked it up together.  On Christmas eve, we set it up in the living room so that he would see it as soon as he woke up.  
 The first moment with his new 6 am.

And 7 hours later, with only short breaks for other presents and some sustenance...he was still playing with his new train set.  And still in his Christmas jammies.  

 I got the boys matching Christmas jammies...too cute.
 And Nico showed off his mad balancing skills...standing up for papa.  Another athlete in the making?
Diego got some love during papa's visit as Mario is so good at loving him too.  Me?  I scored a beautiful silk robe, new boots, and a purse...exactly what I wanted/needed.  Oh and I got some love too:)
 Nico scored a few new toys as well like this wooden pop up ball...for now, his favorite is still watching brother play and yell around him and well, just looking out for mama.
 I love this face, the eyelashes, the hair, the mouth, the laugh...he brings me such joy.

 Xavi and I took afternoon wagon rides/walks while papa hung out watching football while brother napped.  I was thankful to have some special one on one time with my beautiful and rapidly growing little boy.

On our last day together, New Year's Eve, Mario and I got to surf in the morning.  It happened to be less than 40 degrees that morning...the water was in the 50s, and so it felt warm in comparison.  And the surf was less than epic.  But it was our moment and I enjoyed sharing it with him.  I also needed him to be there to help me get out of my wet suit since my fingers stopped working all together.  That afternoon, we caught the last bit of sunshine and the year's final sunset as a family.  We hiked the boys down to our favorite secret surf spot at Trails and threw rocks in the water while papa surfed.  It is those simple, beautiful moments that I have stored up in my heart and that give me hope for the future and for Mario's return in June.

2012's last sunset
 Pure Beauty.  Pure love.

God speed Papa.  We are waiting for you.

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  1. I can feel the joy in your heart as I read the chronicles of your precious little family. Just keep absorbing the little minutes and God will take care of the days. Godspeed Mario.