Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Dirty Boy...One Tired Mama

Most days I don't worry about Xavi getting as dirty as he's just necessary to wash before eating and take a tubby every night.  (Today I just hosed him off before nap time because it was hot and he was all sticky.)  Most days I don't pick up until AFTER the little tornado goes to takes about twenty minutes every night to put order back in the cottage.  Most days (especially lately) I am exhausted by the time evening rolls around...and sometimes I take stock of all I do in the day to make sure that I have a good reason to be especially tired.  Mario caught this series of photos to demonstrate one such activity...makes me tired just looking at them.  Enjoy!

  WHEW!  Just one example of daily chores that require wrestling with a very strong, busy, and determined little boy.  Include in this category such activities as changing diapers, getting dressed, putting on shoes, taking a nap, drying off after tubby....but in the end, the smile returns once he is set free.  

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