Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Precious smiles and days

We found a new "secret" spot to enjoy beautiful beach days in Southern California.  Secret because it appears as if people around here aren't aware of how great it can be...once you get down there.  You see this is a surf spot that has a smaller, rockier beach than others in the vicinity and quite a hike to get down with gear, boards, and baby in tow.  Xavi, however, walked not only down the hill but all the way back up...TALKING the entire way.  I couldn't catch my breath and Mario just laughed at our crazy, strong little man.  
 There is an area that local nudists have claimed as their own...we didn't go to that area but no one was around...so Xavi fully enjoyed the license that our privacy gave him.  The rocks are a bonus to us because he can pick them up, put in his bucket, then dump back out...a la garbage truck...noises and all.    Necessary toys for the beach (and most other trips)?  Digger, Truck, Concrete Truck, Bucket, and shovel....check, check, check, check, check.  We can also just sit and throw the rocks into the surf enjoying the different noises that different sizes make.  For as long as you can take the rocks in your rear end...
 The best bonus is when we try two or three other surf spots and find the one spot where the surf was actually breaking...AND there are just a few others to share it with.  Diego has been going with us most places since we lost Sasha and he has gotten A LOT more tolerant of Xavi's amorous and aggressive "uggs" (hug!).

We are about a month away from becoming a family of four and Xavi gaining a baby brother.  I don't feel quite ready...there are a few projects I need to complete in order to relax these last few weeks (impromptu closet remodel, Xavi's belly cast, and Xavi's birth book).  Mentally, I also know that I'm not quite ready to be mom to TWO little boys AND be a good and kind wife to my husband.  How can I possibly split myself further:  my love, my energy, my time, my patience...my chi chis?  I know I will get there...but I do need these last few weeks.  I'll get these last few items checked off my list and make a new one.  This list will simply be my intention not only for this upcoming birth experience but for the next year that will bring it's share of challenges, joys,  ups and downs.

Xavi:  you've brought us such joy, healing, and amazing love.  I know you'll be the best big brother.  You'll always be a bright, shining light in my heart.

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