Friday, December 31, 2010

The Gramma Momma visit

My mom came the weekend of our scheduled due date, November 13.  She could only be there for a long weekend but was able to hold and squeeze Xavi in flesh and blood.  I couldn't believe that my mom was there in California loving on my newborn son and taking care of me.  It is a bit surreal to think that this was the woman that had birthed me (36 years ago) and was now there for me and my first born. 

She knew me when I was days old...She can still see me as a new baby and remember being pregnant with me...even though I am far from remembering it myself.  Definitely an experience that people warn you about.."you'll understand once you are a parent"...I told her during her visit that I have no idea how she let us go...ever!!  I look at Xavi and want him to stay just this way until I am ready for him to grow up.  I hold him close and sometimes hard, knowing that he will only be this small once. I am becoming very aware of how fleeting these moments are and how precious each are to a a parent.  It is heart breaking to see the stage "end", let alone thinking that someday I am going to "let" this future man travel the world, go to his own life. 

My parents definitely gave us roots at the same time that they gave us wings to fly, to explore, to live our own lives.  Presently, they have one daughter in the mountains of Colorado, one on the beach in California, one in the bustling city life of Tampa, and one in the suburbs of Minneapolis. 

I know they must miss us terribly and I don't believe a day goes by that any parent doesn't think of their children...but NOW?  I get it and have no idea how I will do what is required of every mother...of every parent.  But for this weekend, I enjoyed having my mommy there. 

 And I cried my eyes out when she left. 

We made our first trip out....and of course, we went to the beach for sunset.

Sunset and a beer...ahhhh!

We made our first adventure OUT of the HOUSE...a walk with the dogs.

We took pictures at sunset in our yard. 

She made sure I ate..even scraping the last bite out of the bowl for me. 

I have so many photos of her in this exact position..holding Xavi and staring at him, memorizing the details.

Beautiful sunset, Beautiful boy.

Someday Xavi will run on this sand and surf this break,  too.

The Happy Family.

My loving man

His papa gave him this's my favorite.  I hope he never outgrows it...well, I'm saving it anyway! 
Look closely for the trident...I couldn't be a prouder momma, or wife.
Xavi misses his gramma momma, too. 
What comforts me is knowing that each stage of life will bring its own wonder and special memories.  And that nobody outgrows loving their mom...I love you mom. 

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