Friday, December 31, 2010

The First Week

I vowed to stay in bed for a week...never dreaming that I would need that and a bit more.  It took two to three days to be able to get up without nearly passing out.  Pale, weak, and tired, I stayed in bed with Xavi.  Mario cleaned up, took pictures and video, and cooked for me.  Food!  I could finally taste food again and so it was amazing to be able to eat his cooking for those first few days.  It looks like a magazine photo, tastes like I haven't eaten in days or weeks, and feeds more than my physical hunger.  Sure it might sound cliche, but his cooking feeds my soul and makes me feel it was fitting that his food nourished me in the days after Xavi's birth. 
Making the first calls to family from bed

Mom and Xavi resting..protected by Diego

Our friend and dog sitter, Liz, came by to walk Sasha and Diego and see the new baby. Diego had to be shooed out of our room...He didn't want to leave his post.
Faithful her pumpkin cookies, bread...anything she bakes!

Xavi and eye on Papa

We had the placenta encapsulated and his cord dried...I took the capsules in the weeks after the delivery.  In Chinese Medicine, the placenta is eaten to restore nutrients to the mother.  This practice is reported to decrease post partum depression and help the mother recover overall. 

Ready for our Glamour shots?  Not quite...Xavi was not whisked away to be cleaned and poked after his birth, so here we are giving him his first sponge bath the next day.  Obviously, I wasn't ready for a close up either...hee hee. 

Post bath...recovering on mom. 

Hat? check.  Oversized gown? check. Fingernails covered?  check.  Socks?  Not shown, but check. 
He really just prefers to be naked. 

Aunt Laurie came for a visit.  There are three aunts that will need to be differentiated...Lori, Laurie, and Laura. 

Aunt LaLa and Xavi

My friends, Audrey and Karen, came to visit on the same day.  Audrey brought us clean sheets and a roast.
 Karen brought seaweed soup and hugs. 

I still love to sleep with him on my chest.  The best feeling ever.

We even ventured outside once I could stand up.  Our patio has a great view and some privacy for enjoying the outdoors in sunny California.  Here's Sasha making a rare appearance..mostly for whatever I am eating.

Papa and his boy.  My handsome boys.

Aunt Kathy and Uncle Mark came up after his exciting legal conference was over in San Diego. 
They brought, of course, his soon to be favorite t shirt...sorry Uncle Luis. 

Uncle Mark, Xavi, and I...we bargained baby sitting for Packer Bear tickets. 
I remember babysitting for them in exchange for helping with a few speeding tickets.
Good to have an attorney in the family.   

Thank you to all who sent well wishes in flowers, plants, balloons, gifts, and cards.  We feel so tremendously blessed by our family and friends who supported us during this time.  Thank you.

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  1. Your little family if off to a great start with loving friends and family there for support. I am sure Xavi will receive many Packer shirts over the years. They continue to be a favorite with many of us!
    (I agree that is sure has been good to have an attorney in the family. It has also been great having a good chiropractor or two!)