Sunday, December 19, 2010


Xavi is almost six weeks old now and I'm just sitting down to start this blog to document his growth, his firsts, and our family adventures.  It's important to us to do this for our loved ones who are so far away...the ones whose arms feel so empty without their newest grandchild or nephew...and those family and friends with whom we want to share this journey.  We hope you will follow us in this format and watch our life unfold.

My sister, Rachel has done a blog faithfully on her family since the day her son, Owen was born, four and a half years ago.  It's been an amazing way for all of us to stay connected not only to her and her beautiful children, but to each other.  So with this in mind, I feel dreadfully inadequate  to begin ...  not to mention that I've been figuring out how to change diapers without getting peed and pooped on, how to nurse on demand then collect a gas clearing burp so he can eat more, how to do a load of laundry not to mention fold it AND put it away, find time to cook and eat something with one hand, do the dishes (often one handed), and shower everyday.  All things I took for granted BEFORE November 9th. 

Meanwhile, Mario is working hard at two Master's degree programs (faithfully commuting by train and bike), the Navy Reserves, and supporting his sometimes crazy, well intentioned wife as she leaves piles of things started but not finished.  He often goes without the lunch that I would love to prepare but only occasionally get to now days, yet fills in whenever I need help. 

And so, I humbly thank you for your patience in waiting for these pictures and for me to learn how to convey our experiences in the written word.

Welcome to our journey...

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