Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Xavi is still good at saying "no"...but lately he has been saying "yep" too.  I'm not sure if he knows exactly what it means but if I ask to confirm that he wants more.... he nods his head emphatically two or three times saying "yep", "yep", "yep".  Growing up and right before my eyes.

Tonight when I put him to bed, he wasn't as sound asleep as usual.  He lifted up his head and watched me with a little sleepy smile.  He didn't cry, didn't whimper, just looked at me with his sweet face and smiled.  I sat next to him and patted his bum, watching his eyes flutter close again.  Finally he curled up on his tummy, butt in the air, and fell all the way asleep.

We got to talk to papa right before bed...hopefully that gives him good dreams.  It sure made my day.  Funny how when you get to talk to someone everyday you may take their voice for granted...but when you never know when you'll hear it, just their voice can lift you up.  We get to see him Sunday for a whole week!

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