Saturday, June 2, 2012

"Ordinary" day?

Today was a day like most every other day...we've settled into a good routine and range of options for how we spend our days.  But as I was putting him to bed I knew I had to post about today...why?  A hundred small reasons that make spending so much time with my little boy so extra ordinary.  I'll list a few, in no particular order.
1. The garbage truck comes three times a day (green waste, garbage, and recycling).  We can hear it coming up our street and when Xavi hears it, he points to his ear, makes an "oh" with his mouth, and races to me to pick him up so we can run outside to watch it pull up, pick up the cans, and "rawrrrr" dump the contents in the truck.  I've run out there in my pajama pants and tank top.  The driver knows us now and waves every time.  We wave back and say "thank you".  Then he backs the truck down our street..."beep beep beep beep..."  He cried after the last one was "all gone" today.  There has been  a few times that he's raced down the street to catch him again as he comes out of a side street just down from us.

2.  Lately, as I get him dressed he starts yelling to go on a "WALK", yelling at me to put shoes on, yelling at "DIGA" to come here and get his leash on, and then running out the gate pushing his little scooter as fast as his little legs will go.  A few times we've made it down to the end of our street but then I've had to carry him all the way back up.  Mario said I shouldn't do that anymore (he's right) and I'm looking for a wagon on craig's list.  In the meantime, I grab our stroller and push it in case Xavi gets tired.  Today we checked out the huge "digger" down the street as they demolished a house on the bluff.  He was enthralled and could have sat there all day.

3.  We also go to the beach just down the hill from our house regularly.."Poche's" beach.  He likes to let the waves chase him, or go for a stroll in mom's arms as she hunts for sea glass.  There is a small water reclamation pond where we watched a mommy and daddy duck swim.  Today we saw the momma and her 9! baby duckies.  So cute!  Xavi proceeded to throw rocks and sand into the pond (not at the ducks) but loved listening to the different noises each rock made.  Sometimes he would point at me and say "mamma"...meaning I was to throw it and see what noise I could make.

4.  We have snacks ready at any point during the day...I never want to be without something for him to eat and/or drink as he always seems to be hungry lately.  I also bought a folding kids table and chairs for us to set up in front of Thomas during meal times.  We sit down and eat our meals together.  I can always tell when he is done because he starts to throw the dogs, at the floor, or mix things into one disgusting pile THEN throw it.  I'm still working on the "we only throw balls, Xavi"but we have a ways to go.  He loves meat and fruit, hummus and veggies (green peppers), green juice, potatoes, and squash cooked in coconut oil.  Of course he also loves "bunnies" either the honey graham ones or the cheddar snack mix ones, "shack" = fruit snacks, "cookie" = protein bar.
5.  Today was the first day we went to the new local pool where they have a beautiful 50 meter lap pool, another 25meter lap pool, and a kids water playground with zero depth entry.  I was nervous because it was a new adventure for us and wasn't sure if he would have fun...and it took him a bit of time to settle in to the noisy kids and splashing water.  But once he did...he was going a million miles an, in/out, up/down, throwing the ball, rolling the truck, laughing and smiling..til he was chattering so much he succumbed to being wrapped in a towel (unheard of) and warmed up in the shower.  I knew he would be very happy as earlier in the week, on one of our walks, he found a puddle and was lying down IN it before I had a chance to react.

It took 45 minutes to get him to sleep tonight.  In the past this might have driven me over the edge...but my patience has doubled in the last few weeks (miraculously) and I just enjoyed each minute watching him fight his eyes closing and drifting off.  We went into his room, and got out the books he loves to read over and over again...Jesus storybook bible, Thomas and his busy day "in stereo", guess how much I love you, and of course his picture book of family.  After he kicked a few more "GOALS!!" and I wrangled him into his diaper and jammies, we settled on the chair to read stories.  He kissed papa and recited the names of each family member...after mama and papa, he knows "Matt" the best.  But tonight he said, "Car..lo" (Grampa), "Tod", "Rojer", "Owee", and "Mimi" without prompting.  Not sure why he hesitates on the sister names...we are working on it though.  I just held him and patted his back, reminding him that it was "sleepy time".  Put the truck down.  kiss the ball night night.  And finally settled him in his big bed.  ON the best nights he has been sleeping until 2 am!!! on his own..which means that last night, I had more than 3 hours of solid private sleeping time!!!

Now that it's quiet, I miss him (but still want him to sleep sleep sleep!!!).  I clean up the mess we made all day, make some tea, and settle in front of the TV...which for the first time all day is on WITHOUT playing a Thomas DVD.  I usually give up on the crap and head to bed to read. I go...It's been an ordinary, yet so extraordinary day...I never want to forget.

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