Sunday, June 10, 2012


About two weeks ago, Xavi started to ask to go on a "walk".  Sometimes he would grab my hand (fingers) and pull me in the direction he wanted to go.  Some days he would yell "Dee Go" and continue until I put the leash on Diego.  Other days he grabs his little scooter and pushes it down the street...leaving me to race to get my shizzle together and follow him as fast as I can. I have started grabbing the stroller so that I don't end up carrying him all the way home from the corner.  What I need is a Radio Flyer, with wood rails?  do they still make those?  Today he was out the gate as soon as I had pants on him.  I raced after with his shoes and the stroller.  We  ended up walking almost all the way down to the beach...almost a mile on those little legs.  We did stop for a snack break and a water break and a puddle break and a ducky break.  Two little mama duckies with 7 babies each...oh and grampa phil?  Xavi can say "ca cree" (concrete).

This afternoon I packed up the bike to go for a ride to the park.  Xavi wanted to walk off we went.  We didn't go as far but he was content to just throw rocks in the bushes, practice walking up and down the stairs, and then let mama carry him home.  At home I turned on the sprinkler and let him run nude in it.  I sat down with a book, not fully expecting to read more than a page or two...45 minutes later!!!! I realized that he was playing by himself very happily.  This continued for another hour!!  I was tip toeing around so as to not disturb independent play time..or disrupt his happy place.  He was putting rocks from his bucket into the dump truck and then back again..making all the right noises.  It only ended when I did the countdown to bedtime.

I had to call my sister to make sure that I was doing the right thing...or if I was supposed to force some sort of enrichment activity.  I was very encouraged to hear that it was ok to stay home, to do "nothing", and to enjoy independent play time without guilt.

Again...tomorrow is another day.  And we'll get to see Papa...who can teach him new noises.  Yay!!

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  1. Ah, yes, the quiet, independent playing moments! RELISH in them, girl! ;)
    Love your blog,