Monday, April 30, 2012

Bye Bye Standard Process

We wave "bye bye" to everything now...strangers, friends, peepee and poopy down the toilet, toys at night before bed, dog poo we are leaving alone, big trucks, papa...and today, we wave "bye bye" officially to Standard Process.  At least for now... Today is the last day of my employment with Standard Process and it is definitely bittersweet. 

Bitter because I really will miss the wonderful people I got to know there and through my duties elsewhere.  Sweet because I will have time to focus completely on my family and prepare for #2. 

Bitter because we won't see Gramma Momma, Grampa Phil, and Taz as often as we got to before. Sweet because I won't miss those long plane rides with a busy toddler, the colds we dealt with on most trips, and saying good bye to home and Papa.  (Don't worry though!!! We'll still come as often as we can...Promise! and we'll have more time to play, swim, go to the zoo, see the horsies etc etc)

Especially sad for me is to say good bye to the angels at VitaKids who loved Xavi while I was across the street.  Armandina, Anna, Cherry, Jenny, and others will always have a special place in our memory.  Jack and Noah?  I think we will remember you both for a long time as well :)

Whatever will we do with our time together? 
Friday swim class (we are learning to go underwater with mom's help)
Play with diggers and trucks (preferably in bed where I can have all my favorite things and be naked)

Visit the (fat!) animals at the petting zoo

Spend time at the park and when we are lucky, score with a BIG truck to play with

Go for long walks on the beach and hunt for sea glass.
Bye Bye Standard Process...thanks for the memories and the wonderful five years. See you soon Gramma and Grampa! Happy 65th Poppa Phi!
Beautiful spring tulips at Gramma and Grampa's

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