Tuesday, May 22, 2012

No computer yet...coming soon!!

I just figured out that I could do a quick post using my phone...yah, I know, a bit slow here. Technologically challenged...anyways...After all that talk about keeping up with my posts? It's been a bit hard to do so without a computer but one is on its way and so Lord willing that I can figure it out (hee hee)- we'll be back on line. Honestly it's been a bit of a nice vacation from technology but it's time I re-joined this decade. We've settled into a nice routine. I'm starting to get used to being "just" a mom although I'm just starting to stop checking my phone and email compulsively like I did while working. I'm happy and having a ball with my boy. Not quite convinced yet that I'm not just on a vacation...except that Mario has been gone since my last work day and I'm well aware of the important responsibility on my shoulders to hold down the home front with strength and confidence. The timing couldn't have worked better if we'd tried. I'm so thankful that sometimes things don't work out the way we want them to. I'm still learning and adjusting ...but very happy being MOM. I dislike typing so much on my phone so I'll go for now. We'll catch up with our last few weeks ASAP. We had a visit from Vince, xavi's cousin from TX (just a week apart!), a few beach days with Papa, a happy mothers day, good midwife check ups (halfway there and growing fast), fun times at the park, and special quiet moments (and more not so quiet ones :)) lots of love....

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