Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another big day - first solid food

Today is May was a beautiful summery day and we got started early.  6 little boy started cooing softly to himself and then quickly got up to full volume, smiling at me whenever he caught me opening my eyes.  How could I roll over and resist that sweet face?

We went with dad to Trestles for a surf before high tide.  Xavi took a nap and I read a book, watching him catch waves in the morning sun.  I love those kind of mornings...just wish I was in the water too.  Nothing like seeing the sun on the water before the day gets busy. 

We played and had fun..."somebody" got crabby and we had to cancel brunch with friends...but nothing a nap didn't fix. 
Xavi loves to play rough with his they are rocking in the recliner
Sitting so well all by himself

Checking my mirrors on my new sports car (Thanks Erin, Sunti, and Noelani!)

Heading out on the open road...and giving mom/dad a bit of a break

Watching the NBA playoffs with Dad
We decided that some solid food might help our big boy AND he loved it.  I steamed some carrots, sweet potato, pear, and apple.  He ate the pear with relish and was apparently full by the time the sweet potatoes were introduced.  We'll try again tomorrow. 

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