Tuesday, May 10, 2011

March catch up...More family visits

Mario's mom came to stay for almost a week back in March.  It was so nice to have the extra hands, hugs, and love...I sure wish Xavi could spend much more time with both of his beautiful, loving grammas. Gramma Nina cooked for the both of us..making meals to freeze and helped me take care of both my boys that week.  I've heard it said that the mother-in-law/daughter-in-law relationship is one of the most challenging and tenuous of all.  (One that I recognize early on as a mother of MY little boy could prove challenging and I "worry" about who she will be already :))  I hope that MY mother-in-law knows how special she is and how thankful I am for her love and support. Mary, you are a gem!  Love you!  PS - Thanks for braving the air mattress and for giving us a rare surf session together.

Aunt Gillian, Uncle George, Cousins Carina and Steven with Mario & Xavi
Mario's family from Chicago came to visit on their spring break vacation to California.  They came for pizza and a walk...getting some great profile shots in the sunset on "our' bluff.  Xavi had a great nap and was ready to party with his aunt, uncle, and cousins...although he kept an eye on Uncle George:)  Bonus, Mario spent the next day surfing and playing with them at San Onofre on one of the most beautiful days of the year.  I'm not sure who loved it more...the cousins from the frozen midwest playing in sun?  or the stressed student with few days off?  Come again...we can't wait!

Erin, Sunti, and Noelani meeting Xavi for the first time...

He was so excited to meet his "first" girl friend...she was very sweet. (look how young Xavi looks...he's so grown up now..)

Add Noelani to the list of people who have ridden our elephant. 
Noelani turned one in February and we missed her special luau, so we got to spend an evening with them...having pizza and wine and even a bit of "grown up talk".  Noelani showed Xavi how to play with all his toys as she toddled around our little house.  It's so fun to see what's ahead in our near future as we watch Noelani grow.  I hope we'll have many more times together with friends like this...and I hope that our ability to have "grown up talk" will increase with each visit.  See you guys soon...I hope!

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