Friday, February 18, 2011

The Trip to Washington DC

Last Saturday, we flew from CA to the other coast with our 3 month old baby...I didn't sleep the night before we left.  I was gripped by anxiety about how he would handle both 3 hour legs of the trip plus layover, the 3 hour time difference, the unfamiliar surroundings, dry hotel air, mom working and not on call...well, he handled it like a trooper.  I ended up getting sick from all my stressing. 
Super Traveler

Cool Customer...Chill Mom!  I got this...
But I packed well...we had a poopy explosion before we even got on the first plane.  Good thing I had an extra outfit.  Then we had a peepee pants leak...good thing I had TWO spare outfits.  Now, I'll just have to figure out another color to wear since puke stands out on black all too well.  I got a system down...we boarded early as we could, plop stuff at seats and head for the toilets on board.  I sat in there and nursed him until I thought most people were on...then we stood in the back rocking and bouncing  (or flirting with the flight attendants...Xavi not me) until we had to go sit down.  He fell asleep on take off or nursed a bit more...and napped.  When he woke up, we played and walked the aisles til he got sleepy again.  Repeat...all 4 flights. 

We got to visit the Diakoulas family in Maryland while we were there.  Gus, Harriett, Mara, and Alexa were all there and although it was way too short, we had some quality time with Mario's second family. 

Wearing his big boy jeans and polo new favorite outfit!
I handed out scholarships, gave a presentation to the women's forum, and had business meetings.  Mario bonded with his son...walking the halls, walking the streets of DC, playing games...practicing eating from a bottle (not Xavi's favorite). 

you can just see the white house in the distance...just three blocks away.

Xavi wants us to buy a chandelier for at home...maybe we'll consider it.  It sure helped stop his crying. 
Lisa offered to watch the boy so that we could go out for dinner...our very first date since Xavi was born.  It was really gratifying to have some time to check in with each other as adult human beings...not just a puke covered, diaper changing milk truck.  We would've been fine if we'd not lost track of time (2 hours would've been perfect)...but we lingered over coffee and got back after 20 minutes of yelling.  Sigh...I think he'll be ok, right?  We are better off for the time together...for sure!
"Auntie" Lisa saves the day!  Thank you so much!

Once all the business was done and we could head was another day of planes, trains, and automobiles until we were finally in our little nest again.  The relief we felt was HUGE...and we were all in one piece no less.  Home Sweet Home indeed. 


  1. "There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home."

  2. He's growing nicely, and more handsome every day. p.s. yelling is good for him; just look at my grandkids.... they're normal, right?!