Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Auntie Jewely visit

 Auntie Jewely came to visit us from the snowy cold mountains of Colorado. The weather was perfect - sunny, warm, clear, and most importantly, the surf was "up".  A new swell arrived just in time for her to enjoy the frigid Pacific Ocean (57 degrees) and I even got in my first surf since early in my pregnancy.  She was a breath of fresh air and definitely gave me some insight in how to pursue an active lifestyle AND be a great mommy.  I loved that she said..."sometimes it's NOT fun (to take an infant out of the house, go to the beach, brave the sun/wind/sand discomfort, try to still hit scheduled  nap time w/o a crib, hold him while he cries and people stare, nurse him to quiet him while people stare, haul all the extra paraphenilia, and get in a surf while someone else holds him, crying), but it is necessary to persevere because it WILL get better , it WILL get you out of the house, and it WILL be the best times you can remember (someday!).  It was very encouraging and we tried it while she was there.
Xavi got lots of love, kisses, and hugs.

Diego did, too.  Much to his relief and enjoyment.

Quality time playing on the floor

Long walks on the beach and in the warm sun.

Chill time in the hammock

So cute, huh?  Traded her bike for a surfboard.

My boy

Beach bum

Diego enjoying some long walks on the beach, too.

She surfed til her shoulders were sore and tired.  It was awesome to see her catch a few good waves (and a few more that ALMOST were).  She cooked for us and I was cracked up listening to her and Mario in the kitchen working together.  Jewely is never afraid to say what is on her mind, exactly what she is thinking.  I love it and love that I can count on her to stick up for what is right, and for those she loves no matter the circumstance, no matter the cost.  I guess it's our turn to get to Colorado and let her take me down a mountain or two.  Yikes :)

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