Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Naked lawnmowing (and other fun activities)

I mean...why not?

Me and Papa hanging out...I like to watch him cook.

Mom? I'm bored...

Still raining...this was a couple weeks ago.  A rare whole day of rain...and yes, busy boy got a bit stir crazy.

Xavi loved his balloons...but here, they got tangled between his legs and he was running around, balloons chasing him.  Needless to say, he was freaking out...but I had to take a quick photo.  Hee hee
My favorite times are when we are all just hanging out...it must be one of Xavi's favorite times too because that's when he does most of his funny stuff.  Maybe he's just hamming it up for his dad...maybe he likes to hear his mama laugh...either way, there really isn't much better than this. He's just starting to learn about hugging and kissing...kisses are open mouth (only mom and dad) or  blown and hugs are putting his head against you. I would say "gentle" when he was petting the dogs and gently touch his arm...so now, if I say "gentle", he pets whoever he is near.  Fun times.

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