Sunday, December 11, 2011

End of Tubby Time?

 For the last 10 months, we have taken a bath at night before bedtime...well, Xavi has and he loved his time in the water.  I loved watching him...and lately?  I loved having him in one spot where I could keep an eye on him without spending too much energy.  Even then, occasionally he'd slip, twist, and end up with his head under water...come up sputtering and after some comforting, he'd be back to splashing and playing.  I could wash his hair about once a week or as needed with minimal complaining on his end...unless I waterboarded him trying to get the soap off quickly...oops. 
 I loved watching him laugh and play with his toys.  We had special "tub-by time..." songs...including "The final rinse down" done to Europe's (not Starship, as I originally wrote...thank you honey) "The Final Countdown" to signal that tubby time was coming to an end and we'd be getting out soon.  And I took these shots on his last official "fun" tubby time...this was the night before Thanksgiving. 
The day after Thanksgiving, we were getting on a plane to Wisconsin and he woke up with a fever.  I held him for the next four days...literally.  I didn't shower, sleep, or really do anything except rock, watch movies on closed captioning, eat what mom and dad brought me, and nurse my poor little boy.  His fever was about 104 on Saturday, 102 on Sunday, and finally broke on Sunday night.  Monday around 12:30 he all of a sudden perked up and was more like his usual happy self....except clingy, sensitive, and sad about baths.  And he hasn't gotten back in without screaming his head off.  I'm not sure what happened...he had to have one after his fever with his sweaty head and all.  He slipped on the slippery tub bottom and ended up dunking...but he's done that before.  Poor baby.  Poor mama.  I miss those times already.

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