Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Words?

I have been waiting for Xavi to say something...I mean he says "da da", "m-mom ma", "blee blee", "bee too bee too",  and he's started shaking his head.  Right now, it's really cute...and I believe he is saying NO when he does it.  Like, "ok Xavi, it's time to get out the tubby"..."no no no".  Or Xavi "eat your dinner"..."no no no".  He plays games with daddy and they shake heads at each's cute (now).  But he hasn't said words yet.

He has, however, said "woof woof".   At first I just thought he was making more noises, then I noticed he did it when we read a specific book with a picture of a doggy;  the one where we always say "woof woof".   Then I noticed he would do it when we were walking and saw a doggy.  Finally, he was saying "woof woof" once when we were playing outside...and then I noticed that he was looking at the picture of a doggy on the gate we are installing.  He's a GENIUS! 

And his first words will officially be "woof woof". 

We went to a birthday party at the park last week...and Xavi really enjoyed wearing his little man outfit (for a little while).  Then we changed into his "play" clothes so he could really go about the business of getting dirty. 
Getting ready.  Watching dad do "man stuff" like shave.

No hands...

He loved the balloons and chased them the whole time.

Caught him mid action for a quick shot in our party clothes

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  1. Love that his first words are "woof, woof!" I love that our boys love their dogs!!!