Sunday, September 11, 2011


10 years ago I was far away from where I am many ways.  Different state, different job, different name...very different life...and as we reflected back on that awful day ten years ago, it's hard to not to remember where I was then.  (San Antonio, TX where I was training as a full time athlete and completing my preceptorship for my chiropractic studies.  I watched the news until after both towers were gone and then had to get into the office for patients.  We kept the office open but not many businesses did...and we just watched the news there at Moore Chiropractic.)  The images, the fear, the sadness are all very clear from that day, but today it felt even more sad.  Today I choked up as I watched mothers remember their sons, wives remember their husbands, and children remember their parents, who many just disappeared after going to work on a regular Tuesday.  Today I can only imagine the pain that they must feel...and if I imagine, I have to choke back the pain. Today I am a wife, a mother, and have a child that I want to be around for all his milestones. To experience such loss would be nearly intolerable...unbearable.  But as I remembered and as I "particpated" in the memorial of 9/11...I did so with a 10 month old, very active, funny, twinkly eyed, and very much alive little boy.  I did so without the luxury of time spent in tears or extensive meditation.  AND whilst following a naked little bum around.  It would have been comical if the day's memory wasn't so somber.  And I realized how much there is to live for, how much there is to enjoy in each day, in each moment...even if it is just chasing a naked little bum around the house and yard. 
Picnics in the park overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Playing with everything in mom's cupboards

...Bjorn Borg style

keeping it real with the "business socks"

how he likes to be...dirty

Party toys needed, just a powder bottle
Let's go for a walk, or a bike ride...let's just go out!

It wasn't an easy day..."someone" was up early and didn't really think he needed to nap, ever.  OR go to bed...but I took in every minute and I hope that I will remember what his hugs feel like, what his cries mean, what life is all about...regardless of what is going on.  No day is guaranteed and we will never regret taking the time to soak it all in.  God bless America and may we never forget.

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