Sunday, September 18, 2011

Big Cousins

Way back in August, Xavi's big cousins from Texas came to visit during the end of their summer break. AJ and Aleyna came with their mom, Aunt Lucy.   It was a busy few days and although the time was short, Xavi enjoyed...well, staring at them mostly...especially AJ.  Maybe it was the hair do he was fascinated by?

no it's not a mullet.. but it sure looks like it from here! hee hee
 Everywhere we go he stares fascinated at guys and with the ladies?  What a flirt!
Getting introduced and acquainted

"and this is my dog Sasha's leash.  I get to walk her every's the best."
 They both got to surf, enjoying the brisk Pacific Ocean.  The group, amazingly enough all made the train both ways to go see this Jewish rap artist...I know, sounds strange right?  But he's really good...Xavi and I stayed home to try and get our "beauty aka anti monster/whiny baby sleep".  Maybe next time?
beach day...we came after naptime
 We always are happy to have family come all this way to visit.  Those are the days we wish we had a bit more space to welcome them with more than a couch...sorry AJ :) See you around...we hope!

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