Saturday, July 23, 2011

Water boy

Xavi loves the water, which definitely pleases Mario and I since we both love the water.  Mom said that when she was watching him while we surfed, he would just watch the water and the waves...hypnotized, mesmerized.  It's no wonder since I swam the whole time I was pregnant, walked the beaches often listening to the surf pound, surfed until I was 20 weeks along, and gave  birth to Xavi in the water. 
Eight months later here he is swimming laps in the tub.
He seems to think he can breathe under water or he is trying to explore it with his mouth (like everything else).  I tell him "Xavi, no"...when it looks like he is trying to breathe or drink bathwater...he smiles as if to say, whatever mom! 

Notice the bubble beard after just getting busted for putting his face in the water...
He tries to catch the water coming out of the faucet or the pitcher I use to rinse him off. Which, by the way, is his favorite toy...I really need to stop buying "toys" and letting him play with plain household items. 

He doesn't seem to mind water in his face since I can just put his head under the faucet to rinse the shampoo off on the rare occasions that I wash his hair.  I tried to capture how cool his hair is in this photo...waves, curls, entropy, it weird that I think my son has the best hair?  But I guess that isn't such a stretch...his dad has great hair and mine has waves.  Maybe it's just fun to see our genes in another little human.

Gramma Nina and Xavi explored the sprinkler when she visited us this month.  Although it was a short visit, they had some good time to play with his new truck, sing songs in Spanish (and teach mama one too), and get wet.  He smiles everytime I start to sing that song (Se pillo Colgate para mi papa...Se pillo Colgate para mi mama).  Next time, I'll learn another ;)  Thanks Mary!

His top two teeth have made two appearances...and disappeared both times!  The first time Debbie and i wondered if we were crazy or if we'd imagined seeing them.  Last night was the worst night sleep we've had since he was born...and I can see them there ALMOST poking through for what I hope is the final time.  Even so...he's been so cute and happy today...I just happen to know that he just a little bit uncomfortable. 

We spent the day at home...not "doing" a lot but crawling, exploring, playing, falling a few times, and laughing.  It's a wonder that I can feel so full after a day of not getting anything done...well nothing except being there for my boy, and well, just being.  Thank you Lord.  I am so blessed.



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  1. He is a beautiful baby!! His smile is amazing!!! Wish I could see it in person!!!