Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gramma Momma 2.0

Grampa came on Sunday early morning and Gramma followed on Wednesday early early morning. We had five whole days together...and she squeezed Xavi as much as he'd let her.  She was here when he was first born, but he has grown so much.  (now 15.6 lbs and 26.5 inches, 21.5inches and 8.5 lbs then)

First squeezes...

Watching the guys work

"kiki" time (that's naked time for you non two year olds)

Diego is still determined to come along for the ride..
He misses Gramma and Grampa too (Tazzie too!)
You know how whenever you get sick, the only person that you wish to be there, the one person who can always comfort you and make you feel better just by being there...Mom! (well, for me anyway)  And she came when I needed her most..made chicken soup and willed us to get better.  So we did!  Xavi felt a bit like that early in her visit...except this time it was his mom that he clung to. (That's ME!!!)  But by the end of the visit, they were old pals and he had a smile just for her. 

Self inflicted on "our" bluff

Xavi in his doggie jammies...Gramma in her pretty jammies

Feeling better and warming up

"This lady is hilarious!"

My momma, isn't she cute?
 Dad was usually the first one up, making coffee, relaxing, reading.  He listened for Xavi to wake up (between 6:30 and 7 like clockwork) and begin to talk.  Every morning he tells us all about his eventful night sleep and wonderful dreams..and in a very loud voice.  So Gramps knew when he was up and knew we'd be out shortly to greet him with a smile. 

A cloudy night for a sunset...still breathtaking to see the breadth of the ocean

Shenanigans while Gramma was babysitting...
riding Sasha as if she were a small horse (not necessarily "Frowned upon.."

A face any momma could love...

Sasha recovering from the close call with the little pink animal

One of his special Gramma smiles
Gramma hugged and squeezed him, even through a pretty good temper tantrum.  It was fun watching a "pro" at work... I certainly was glad she was here to help.

Temper Tantrum in action

Making a deal to get a cookie IF he takes a good nap...
or something fun like that
We walked and soaked up the sun.  She exhorted us to continue with the projects and gave me the gusto to get going on a few things...and made sure we completed putting up the curtains in each bedroom to help Xavi nap more soundly.  We found a camping site for them when they come in July...we'll keep our fingers crossed for a beachfront RV site with a fire pit just for us!  Xavi may be walking by then...???!!!! yikes...I said.

Xavi loved the bright colors of this tshirt...mesmerizing.
She wore this the morning that Mario left for drill in his camoflauge. 
70s all over again, man.  (no photos of that :))

The last walk on Capo Beach

Getting a treatment from the cute intern
They are both pretty cute, huh?
Catching some rays...reading and relaxing

Getting warmed up in his Adidas track suit

We watched the sun set, had lunch at Fisherman's Wharf on the San Clemente Pier, and felt the sand in our toes. 

To felt like I was the one soaking up the sun, the warmth.  Their visit filled my "tank", but my heart felt like it had a little leak...they left a vacuum that is hard to fill being so far away.  I can only look forward to the next visit..and the next...and the next.  Loving each moment as if it is our last.  (And sending lots of texts and pictures in between.)
Bright eyed and bushy tailed for 4 am...on their way home

Sunshine, on my shoulders, makes me hap-py.

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  1. All this talk about sunshine...send us some!! We are in a deep freeze here in Calgary!!! Looks like you guys had an awesome visit! I love seeing Xavi's big smiles!!