Saturday, May 18, 2013

Walking on Sunshine...Nico's growing up

Nico is 8 months old today and it hardly seems possible that so much time has gone by.  He is preparing to walk (gulp), throwing balls, pulling up on everything, following brother around, and in general being a busy boy.  

He charges around our tiny cottage going from toy to toy, but especially into Xavi's room to "play" with his trains and train table whenever brother is not looking.  Today I picked him up three times and carried him out to keep him safe...Xavi is, to say the least, very defensive of his trains.  But he was determined to get in there and wreak havoc on the's just the right height I guess.  
Xavi's treasured Garbage truck..

Our neighbor's awesome laid back Zeus...didn't even flinch

heehee...I know I'm not supposed to be here

Watching from a safe distance with mom by my side

The last few days he's been clapping and then smiling, so proud of himself.  It must be that he learned how to clap by hearing me clap the sports cheer "let's go" as loud as I could whenever both of them were crying and I didn't know what else to do?  It's adorable.  
He loves swimming class on Tuesdays and kicks and splashes for the entire 30 minutes.  It's the about the only time that I have alone with Nico so I treasure the few minutes of uninterrupted quality time. 

In our little pool, getting "baptized" by Elodie and Xavi

Poor baby does cringe when Xavi comes around and sometimes he drops the toy he has in his hands.  I can tell he's learned his lesson after getting shoved a few times, or having things swiped out of his hands, or just having his brother's yelling mouth in his face.  I feel so bad but I really don't know what else to do.  It happens so fast and I am usually sitting right there.  Now I'm hyper vigilant (exhausting)trying to anticipate a shove before it comes and never leaving them alone anywhere.  Someday though...he'll be big enough to "fight" back.  Yikes.  
In my defense, he wasn't on his head when i first started to take the photo...

 I don't have the words to explain what it does to my heart when he turns to me, beams with his perfect little face, eyes lighting up at the sight of me.  Just thinking about it warms my whole body and makes me feel like all is right in the world.  

And when he wants mama...he doesn't sit and cry for me to pick him up.  He finds me, crawls right up to me and up my leg.  And I squeeze him to my heart...he is my little sunshine.
Save some for the bunnies 

He loves his little perch...on mama's (ahem) chest

I can't resist this face...mama's sunshine

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