Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Spring" Break Midwest Style (aka SNOW break)

Here are the highlights of our March trip to the frozen tundra.  Warning:  Mostly a Lot of photos from our trip with family...

First flight with two babies by myself?  I give myself an A for effort, C for execution (TOO MUCH SHTUFF), and an A for overall outstanding behavior (the kids were pretty good too).  Although I did notice that my jaw hurt pretty bad from clenching so hard and I am pretty sure I went hours without a full breath...sigh.  Maybe someday I'll be able to carry on again when traveling (and take a nap or have a drink in a cup without a lid or watch the movie or read my book).  
IPad snacks and trains = lifesavers

This one squirmed the entire trip and did a bit of screaming because I wouldn't let him crawl under seats

I actually sat on the floor in front of the seats to let him sit by himself for awhile...it's a wonder I didn't get stuck!  

New friends at MSP

Xavi loves to watch the airplanes come and go

Hmmm...what does mom have in here?

"OK Nico...when it's our turn you have to get your snack bag and go down the aisle...OK?"

Getting Outside? The first few days were the worst...once he got the hang of it all, he was a bit less miserable. But I mean for a kid that hates to wear a diaper let alone clothes plus jacket, snow pants, socks, boots, mitten, hat...he was none too pleased.  Nico...well he did a bit better but he did have a comfy place to ride.

Xavi found a puddle to play in after all

And he got good at walking through deep snow to see...


Carrots and apples...every day, twice a day.  

Sick and/or snowy...the ponies whinnied when they saw us coming.

A winter wonderland...and some little stroller tracks from the mama engine that could

Not feeling great but snug in blanket and stroller for quick horsie check.
I think this was actually the first day of spring...ugh.

  Cousin time!  Rachie, Gramma, Owen, Gabby, and Liam came to see us.  Xavi loved playing with his cousins and practicing wrestling moves.  There was something special about watching Xavi play with his cousins, his family...different than with friends or kids at the park.  I had this gut reaction that my kids HAD to know their cousins, their family...I want us to live closer to family.  Guess I am glad we aren't going to Guam or Hawaii after all...We'll still have to travel but it's well worth the TMJ problems.
Big cousin Owen was such a great sport

So was Gabby!

Liam and Nico, born just 7 weeks apart...were "fast friends" and both fascinated with their images on the IPad...notice the paparazzo in the background.
Both trying to get Nico and Liam playing with the IPad

getting acquainted during tummy time...Nico keep trying to taste Liam.  Hmmm...maybe that's how we all got sick?

3 Monkeys in a row...just missing Gramma Momma

Playing and Sharing! his precious trains...Xavi shows Owen some of his collection

Sick time! We all got sick for the last week of our stay there...it reminded me of all the other times we came to WI in the winter...fevers, coughs, hours in the rocker...but this time there were two!  Poor babies!

Grampa Time!  Mom still had to be at work every day but Dad was home quite a bit.  Nico and Grampa were quite the buddies...he woke up extra early to go hang out with Grampa in the kitchen in his special Bumbo chair.  Grampa just kept handing him his toys while keeping knives etc out of reach...Mama got to get a few extra minutes of sleep.  Thank the LORD!! When has that ever happened before?  HA!  Xavi even got to go sledding with Grampa...but it wasn't at killer hill this time.

Stealing kisses...I mean, who hasn't done this?

Playing trains over Grampa's Hands

We'll definitely have to come back...when it warms up and we can swim, go to the zoo, have bonfires, and play outside.  See you then Gramma and Grampa!

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