Friday, December 7, 2012

Lucky Day

Today was lucky because I got to go to the park today with my boys!  Usually they go with Miss Debbie while mama does yoga and takes a breather (or runs around doing errands like a crazy woman trying to cram it all into 90 minutes so I don't have to do it with two kiddos or worry about how I need to get it done...).  Plus lately it's been rainy and the boys have had colds, so we've stuck pretty close to home.  But today, we loaded up the stroller and got all the way to the park.  
 We played on the slide, chased some girls, and ran through the maze.  
 We played hide and seek, peek a boo, and "I see you!".  
He only fell five or six times, sometimes flat out arms straight out...SAFE! 
 But got up each time to run some more.  

 Brother Nico slept through it all..comfy and cozy.  

The best thing of all?  On our way home, we stopped to look at a construction site and the contractor was there.  Mark let us come in and look close up at the BIG DIGGER, the BIG HOLE, and the MACHINE.  He spent most of the time throwing huge dirt clods into the hole.  I had to grab him and put him kicking and screaming into the stroller.  It was our lucky day!  But mostly mine.  

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  1. Awesome!! And Thank God, you don't have to do all that with snow suits on!! We sooo wanna come visit!!! Love that you are getting out for so much fun together!!