Sunday, March 25, 2012

ALIVE! and Well!!

I realize that a month has gone by without an update and for that I apologize...I realize that you are probably on the edge of your computer chair wondering what in the world is new with Xavi and for the anxiety our delay has caused I apologize...But we've survived a week from heck in Wisconsin thinking it was just an upper respiratory infection, double ear infection, and pink eye (plus major job stress for mom) to return home and find out that it is actually croup and lasted another WEEK!  I came down with the adult version of croup and boy did that suck!  No wonder he's been MISERABLE for no less than two weeks.  Poor baby.  I went to urgent care to get swabbed for strep (hoping that it was SOMETHING you could treat with SOMETHING)..only to find it would just take time.  Sigh...
Sick eyes...poor baby.  Trying to play but feeling so bad.

We were here (in this recliner) for almost 3 days while in WI. 

And being pregnant (that's right!  Baby #2 makes Four!! Due in September...), I couldn't take anything at all except a bit of tyelenol.  That cold was what Nyquil was invented for...we all started sleeping in ear plugs to help drown out the coughing. 
"Mini Boo"...EDD September 29, 2012

For two weeks he hardly let me let go of him...even sleeping with my arms tightly wrapped around him.  He'd have moments where he was determined to feel better only to be up and about then realize how bad he felt.  So we fell in love with Thomas the tank engine and have watched the DVDs we have...8,000times!  Mario and I both know the song and stories by heart.  Xavi points at the TV and says "Ta!"  And we obliging turn on the video we think we've seen the least...HAHA!
watching TA...sans pants. 

I am happy to report that we are all MUCH better and Xavi is back to his "old" self...making us laugh, talking a lot (using new words or at least ones I've been able to understand - "Wa = water, ow-side = outside, no = NO!, yeah = maybe, but probably not, Ha = Harry, the dog we babysat last week, deego = diego, tasa = Sasha, bubbles = Perrier or blow bubbles or bath bubbles, truck = bigger than "ca" (car), BIG truck = anything like a Ford F150 or bigger, and whoa BIG TRUCK = bus, semis, etc, Choo choo or Ta = train, and chi chi = well, self explanatory).  He makes big eyes and points at his cheek when he hears a siren or a helicopter (He sees me point at my ear and I think he is trying to do the same..). We are still playing a lot of ball (still practicing corner kicks, dribbling, and throw ins) and playing in the dirt near the construction site. 
reading books in his nest

helping mom at Target...helps to get out of the house sometimes. 

coloring with my new markers and crayons

back to doing pull ups in the tub

hugging neighborhood chicas...this is Eden.

Eden taking Xavi for a loop in her sweet ride

watching the "machine" push dirt around

back at training on the soccer field

After our last post and before the fever etc hit us, we had a blast with a blizzard in WI, playing with cousins (Regers came down from MN), and swimming at the Y.  Gramma and Grampa were so happy to have us there and so sad that the baby was so sick.  They of course were very helpful, taking turns holding him so I could have mini breaks and NOT lose my mind, and going out for ibuprofen and ice cream (turtle custard sundaes to be specific) as needed. 

Dad and "the machine"

waking up the next day to fresh snow

we were out in our jammies

playing king of the mountain with Owen

snack time with Gabby

"all done"

Xavi loved visiting these neighbor ponies and patted their faces.  He wouldn't stand up in the snow even though I tried convincing him that it was in fact possible...

going to look at and pet the horseys
can't wait to get swimming at the Y

Gabby is potty training and had no pants on...Xavi just didn't want to have his pants on...and we got them both pushing the firetruck down the hall (and their bums! hee hee)

whoa, BIG truck!

Gramma Nina came for a few days during the peak of my croup and saved those few days...stepping in so that I could rest, go get acupuncture or a needed haircut, making soup and yummy breakfasts, PLUS doing ALL the dishes (YAY!)...Mario and I even got to go see a movie when I felt well enough to go out in public.  (We saw Act of Valor...and I cried through most of it...some because I knew a lot of the actual events the movie was based on, some because I was pregnant and cry very easily these days, and some because we are facing a year long "mobilization/deployment" and my man is one of these brave warriors.  There is a combination of raw pride and patriotism plus the under current of fear that is always there, facing our family as he serves our country. 

Last but not least, we babysat for Mario's friend Seth's dog, Harry.  That is actually "Sergeant Harry, retired" to you...he is a retired combat vet specializing in bomb/explosive detection.  Harry has two medals of service in both Iraq and Afghanistan before coming to live with Seth in the US.  He's a beautiful golden retriever and we all fell in love (including Sasha and Diego!).  Xavi could sit on him, lay on him, color him with marker (washable! nontoxic!), and Harry happily stayed put.  He wasn't the least bit worried or put out.  I don't know...I thought I had too much on my plate to think of getting another dog...but one like Harry?  well, for now we'll settle for babysitting when Seth needs someone. 
loving Harry

what a comfy cushion

sharing his favorite truck book with Harry

I think that catches us up on the newsy news...not much in the way of headlines or deep thoughts.  But we are healthy and happy and looking forward to all that this next chapter brings us...yes ALL!  After doing so much kicking, screaming, and dragging my heels about MY plans changing, I've decided that I'm not in charge of anything, except for my attitude.  The rest is in God's hands.  Sigh.  Ahhhhh....what a relief!
He didn't eat barely anything for those two weeks...until he wanted this protein bar.  Whatever!  Just as long as you are eating something!

More adventures await...see you soon!


  1. CONGRATS on baby number 2!!! Sooooo exciting!!!!

  2. Wow, you have been busy busy busy! Glad to know you are all feeling better now. See you soon!