Sunday, February 12, 2012

Routines, Recovery, Re-establishing the "norm"

I think I've mentioned that whenever we travel to WI for work/ takes at least a week for us to go back to "normal".  Everything is thrown off....sleeping, eating, moods.  I try to re-establish everything on our time zone immediately but it just always seems to take at least a week.  For that week I have a very clingy, sensitive boy who still chirps awake bright and early but naptimes are thrown off sometimes by an hour or two, as is bed time.  He is always happy to see Miss Debbie again but reluctant to go play with her...and it always tears at my heart.  I feel so guilty for "doing" this to him, yet I know that all of these experiences are good for him and he is learning flexibility?  travel skills?  developing relationships with his maternal grandparents?  making friends that he is learning and growing from? 
Sitting in Grampa's little rocking chair like a good boy

Reading "I Spy" with mama

And now we are standing...sitting wasn't enough

Getting dressed to go for a walk?  a work out in itself...and might take as long as the walk itself :)

Refusing to be carried...not sure mom is going the right way.  Maybe I'll blaze my own path...which leads to mom catching me and carrying me anyway. which leads to...
temper tantrum..

brushing my old AND new teeth...4 new on their way.  2 molars and 2 more on top...ouch!

An apple a day...means finding apple pieces and party eaten apples after we've gone, right Gramma?

Spending time with mom's bff and our beloved "Florency"

His immune system definitely gets a work out as we undoubtably come home with a new variety of boogers...that take at least a week to slow the flow. 
walking the doggy in bed...definitely not a usual part of the routine

saying "cheese"...while catching up on my favorite books
The hardest part?  Being away from "papa". 

More on this in future posts...but doesn't this picture say more than I can do the topic justice?

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