Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

It's been a busy few weeks preparing for a move, preparing for a trip to the midwest, reconnecting with Papa...sorting, cleaning, selling...and trying to keep life as normal as possible for two little boys.  (and their mama)  
 A little more than three years ago our lives changed when we found out we were pregnant and would become a mama and a papa.  Now they are 2.5 and 9 months old, healthy, happy, unique, and all ours. Love.
 And they love their papa.  Nico stared at him a lot when he first was home...but now, crawls right up his leg looking for that deep voice and dark eyes he's fallen in love with.  Last night I came home from some special time with Xavi knowing Nico needed to nurse...I crept into the bedroom as i didn't hear any crying.  Nico was standing up in his crib, listening intently as Mario played his guitar. Love.
 Although Xavi talked about papa, papa, papa during his deployment...when he first got off the train, he just stared and held tight to me.  That didn't last too long as soon enough they were running "fast you can papa" round and round the house, crawling through "Misty Mountain tunnel" behind the couch, wrestling, grunting, yelling, digging, and crashing their trucks into each other.  Twice he napped two hours early due to all the new exertion and I'm sure pure joy of having his papa back in his life...not just on Skype.  Love.
 Beach time.
 Work out time.
 Surf time.
 "Carry" time.  The last mile to our car...after walking the first one uphill.
 Beach and rock throwing time.
 Our boys.  Mario's sons.  My smile.  Mario's eyes.  Awesome hair.  and one AMAZING father.
(Diego too) We Love you Papa!

You too Grampa!  Love you Dad! See you soon!

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